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Welcome to ensure!

Your insurance partner and expert for professional liability insurance

At ensure! we are experts for insurances – always on the search for the best offers, independent from insurance companies and adviser to our clients.
However, we have discovered some shortage within the last 25 years. That’s why ensure! is not only an insurance broker – we have created our own products in cooperation with an insurance company. Our insurance products are based on our client’s needs. They are a perfect match.

So if you are in need for some advice on the topic in general or one of the ensure! products – contact us! It’s for free and you can profit from our knowledge.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us!

Send us an email, call us or contact us via WhatsApp

tel: +49 40 4143 7979

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Our insurance offers for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is! For concluding the contract you have to own a bank account in Germany and the maximum duration of stay in foreign countries is 12 months.

You close a contract with ensure!. After receiving the policy you get in touch with the other insurance company. In 80 percent of those cases your old contract is set aside.

Of course not! In that case we charge you with 1/12 of the annual fee for the period of your insurance that year. For example: If you close a contract with us on July 1st, you only have to pay for the following six months (€ 36,-).

Yes! By accepting our General Terms and Conditions and completing the contract a legally binding contract is conducted.

Your policy will arrive immediatly after submitting the form if there are no open questions left.

Starting at the beginning of December we send the statements to you. Those are also your certificate of insurance in case your studio is requesting one. 

You can withdraw from the contract with ensure! at the end of an insurance year. That means the contract has to run at least once between the period of January 1st to December 31st. In other words, you can withdraw from a contract closed on January 2nd in the following year at the earliest.

You need advice on your insurance needs -
send us an email or call us +49 40 41437979.
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