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How to obtain the best professional liability insurance on the german market & FAQs


You are a fitness trainer, own a studio or work in a healing profession and are on the search for the best possible insurance? We’ve got you covered! Ensure! is your expert when it comes to professional liability insurance for trainers and coaches of any given sports.

We are your experts when it comes to insure professions in the field of fitness and healing.

We know the industry inside out. Ensure! is your expert for the fitness industry. Over the years we interviewed plenty of trainers, instructors, personal trainers and studio owners – they all have one thing in common: insurance, law, taxes and finances in general are an unknown territory for them. Insecurity, misinformation and superficial knowledge determine the industry.

We advise you in any kind of financial or insurance matters and find the perfect matching product and company for you. Additionally, we provide information about topics like the obligation to contribute to the statutory pension system and pseudo-self-employment in cooperation with our lawyers and financial advisors.



You can use our contact form, call us, drop us a line via email or whatsapp us as well. tel: +49 40 41437973 | cell: +49 176 59512692 | mail: info@ensure-online.de



In the following we provide you answers to frequently asked questions. For further information don’t hesitate and get in touch with us: You can reach us via the contact form or phone.

When is the earliest possible date to withdraw from the contract?
You can withdraw from the contract with Ensure! at the end of an insurance year. That means the contract has to run at least once between the period of January 1st to December 31st. In other words, you can withdraw from a contract closed on January 2nd in the following year at the earliest.

If I close the contract with Ensure! during the year, do I have to pay the full price of € 72,- even though I won’t be insured for 12 months that year?
Of course not! In that case we charge you with 1/12 of the annual fee for the period of your insurance that year. For example: If you close a contract with us on July 1st, you only have to pay for the following six months (€ 36,-).

If I complete the contract online, do you accept my claim even though I haven’t signed it?
Yes! By accepting our General Terms and Conditions and completing the contract a legally binding contract is conducted.

Is damage to rented property being used for commercial reasons also covered?
Yes, this kind of damage is covered with up to € 1.000.000,-.

When will my policy arrive?
Your policy will arrive immediatly after submitting the form if there are no open questions left..

What is the deductible for the United States and Canada?
The deductible is € 2.500,-.

Are cosmetic services covered by Ensure?
At Ensure! cosmetic services are part of healing professions and covered. However, the Ensure! professional liability for healing professions costs € 117,- per year.

Do I have to close two separate contracts with Ensure! if I provide cosmetic services and additionally teach a sport (e.g. Yoga)?
In that case you only need a professional liability for healing professions. During the process of concluding the contract, you just have to put your additional occupations in the comment field.

Is the insurance internationally valid?
Yes, it is! For concluding the contract you have to own a bank account in Germany and the maximum duration of stay in foreign countries is 12 months.

What is the sum insured in case of financial losses?
€ 10.000.000,- for personal damage, material damage and relating financial losses (maximum of two times per year, environmental basic coverage once a year, real financial losses are covered with up to € 100.000,-).

Is the cancellation of classes covered as well?
No, that isn’t covered by the professional liability.

What is exactly insured? Injured course participants, furnishing objects?
Every rightful complaint of damage: Personal damage, material damage and financial losses are covered up to € 10.000.000,- in general. Additionally, unjustified damage get fend by the insurance company (passive legal protection).

You only mention yoga, pilates and fitness in the contract – are there any additional sports that can be insured by Ensure!?
Basically, every sport can be insured except for free climbing. Even martial arts with full contact. You can find an overview here: http://ensure-online.de/sportarten

Is the insurance tax included in your € 72,- charge?
Of course!

I am still insured by a different company, but want to conclude a personal liability insurance with you… What are the next steps?
You close a contract with Ensure!. After receiving the policy you get in touch with the other insurance company. In 80 percent of those cases your old contract is set aside.

When will I receive the annual contribution statements?
Starting at the beginning of December we send the statements to you. Those are also your certificate of insurance in case your studio is requesting one.    



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